Alexandros Gkoutsi: Cooking is like a continuous voyage, traveling into the tastes and textures, exploring new layers of my palette. My voyage began with one of the most talented Greek Chefs, Christoforos Peskias, where I learnt to appreciate and honour all the ingredients I use in my cooking. After that, It was my curiosity of the unknown combined with a major need to evolve that lead me to Vienna at Constantin Filipou’s Michelin-Star restaurant, then to the Cannes Film Festival and to Jackie O’ in Mykonos.

Then there was Heston Blumenthal’s iconic London restaurant, The Fat Duck and Amanzoe, where I single-handedly created the menu. The main characteristic of my cooking is using fresh ingredients, right from the farm and ocean to the plate. My main goal is to use flavours around the world but always give the protagonist’s role to my Greek roots. If I had to identify my cooking in three words: simple, original and tasteful.


My cooking is inspired from my travels as I combine all the cultures I have experienced and turn them into new and exciting gastronomic experiences that are a symphony of spicy, sweet, sour, bitter, colourful and dark – just like life.